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2022 Wedding Color Trends

Now that Valentine’s Day has come and gone, we’re in the heart (pun intended) of cuffing season! After the last 2 years of postponements and push backs, both long-term and new brides are excited to get to planning. 2022 will see many more weddings as we will be able to safely gather and celebrate love. If you’re having a wedding in the upcoming year, check out our predictions of the latest 2022 color trends.

Something Borrowed Something Blue

You already know that old saying, “Something Olde, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue”. Each piece of the rhyme brings a different type of good luck to your marriage. The color blue is a sign of depth, trust, loyalty, sincerity, wisdom, confidence, stability, faith, and intelligence. If you’re looking for those traits in your marriage, look no further - well, actually keep reading, we have lots of ideas if blue just isn’t your thing too! Pale blues can be dressed up to be a formal affair (lace tablecloths, formal linens, roses) or dressed down for a casual fun-filled night (naked/wood tables, vines/multiple shades of blue flowers). These monochromatic examples show how blue can meet any vision for your wedding.

Colors: Pale Blue, Slate, Powder Blue, Baby Blue, Ice Blue

Themes: Vintage China/Chinoiserie, Elegant Barn, Coastal Chic

Warm Neutrals

Imagine yourself in a picturesque desert, noticing the intricately cracked earth and dry foliage that thrives living there. Now, add an oasis of beautiful tablescapes, flowers and a happy couple and you’ve found yourself in this next color palette. Made up of some of the most beautiful colors found in nature, the warm neutrals, including terra cotta, rust, mustard, and brick, can transport your wedding guests to a beautiful oasis that isn’t a mirage.

Colors: Terra Cotta, Rust, Mustard, Brick, Blush, Nudes

Themes: Boho Desert, 70’s Hippie, Blush & Nude Minimalist

Opulent Jewels & Metallics

2020 & 2021 were… dramatic, to say the least, but these colors bring the best kind of drama with bold jewel tones paired with bright metallic accents. In the past, dramatic jewel colors have trended towards being “muted”, “moody” or “dusty”, but not anymore. Let these opulent colors shine bright and evoke a feeling of exotic destinations like Morocco, Dubai or Mexico. Maybe get inspired by India or Sri Lanka too, where peacocks are native. Use lots of luxe textured fabric draping and ornate metallic-brushed tablescapes to decorate your venue and you’ll have your guests looking for their passports.