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Hi, I'm Leah!

I’m a Potomac, Maryland native and lover of all things aesthetic. As a tot, I always loved art class and field trips to art museums were my favorite. A few years later, I was lucky enough to study art history and design at James Madison University (Class of ‘16). Then, I started my business as a way to share my passion for design and collaborate with clients to create beautiful and thoughtful custom pieces. It’s an honor and a pleasure to have a hand in my clients’ special days.

Why I Love What I Do

In both high school & college I worked as a designer on the yearbook. It was the highlight of my educational experience because it’s the best way to preserve and record some of your most cherished memories and milestones, like Prom or Graduation. Unfortunately, once you graduate, life doesn’t give you a yearbook to preserve all your special milestones. That’s where Pop Event Design comes in. We design timeless event stationery that evokes that unique feeling of nostalgia you get from flipping through old yearbooks and remembering some of the best days of your life.

Happy Place

Watching a full season of Housewives on a rainy day

Fuzzy Friends

Mountains, City

or Beach?

2 Cats, 
Nugget & Groovy
Mountains, but
ideally near a city

Most Used Emojis

Dream Vacay

Fave Ice Cream

🤗 🤘🏼 🥳 💌

Seeing the
Northern Lights

Cake Batter with
Rainbow Sprinkles

Always Wearing

All Black Everything
(Even in the Summer)

Can't Live Without

Air Conditioning 

Personality Type

The Mediator
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