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Frequently asked questions

​Design FAQs

Can you help me decide on a design or theme?

Yes! When we have our initial consultation we gauge not only what products you might need but also help to develop the vision and vibe of the event. We have an extensive questionnaire to help personalize and perfect your vision. 


Are there any new styles, trends and color combinations I might consider?

Traditionally, using details of velvet, calligraphy or and thicker paper makes an elegant intro to a black-tie event, whereas lighter, handmade papers and handwritten fonts showcase the relaxing vibe of a modern boho theme event. Unusual color combinations have been an exciting trend lately. For example, using non-traditional colors for seasons or using complementary colors for bolder contrast.


What are my options for color, paper type, ink and fonts? 

The options are endless! We can create any type of invitation you may want, any colors, fonts, specialty printing or style. Specialty printing styles or luxe paper may be an added cost.


Will my invitation be custom designed or a template?

All of our designs are custom and will not be used for any other clients. We do reserve the right to use the design in our marketing materials, social media and website. Our privacy policy does protect your information, so we may change the names, dates and other personal details written on the design.


Which design/decor elements make the biggest impact?

We, of course, love an invitation to announce the celebration and style of the event. As for decor, the guests are right up close to the tablescape so focus on the details there. Also, find little areas or moments for thoughtful design, such as offering blankets for an outdoor fall event. Branding is crucial to create impact. Using a specific set of colors and textures help to tie every detail in together.


Is it better to order all of the stationery and day-of components at the same time? 

If you’re planning to get custom stationery and custom day-of designs, we recommend using our company to design all your event components to achieve cohesive branding. We can either decide on everything design-wise after one consultation or work with you throughout your planning process, delivering pieces as we go. Some details may not be known at the beginning (RSVP count, guest names, number of tables etc.), so these designs will have to be printed and delivered closer to the day of the event.


Can you add photos to your design? What format should the photo be sent in? Do you edit photography?

Photos give save the dates or baby announcements the personal touch, so of course we can feature photos. Ideally the image is already in digital format as a high resolution JPG, however we can accommodate just about any photo you have, if desired. We do not retouch or do extensive editing of photographs, but can recommend photographers that can. We are able to do basic adjustments to saturation, black and white, sepia, contrast, sharpening etc. There is no additional cost for basic photo adjustments. 


What is your design style?

We love a juxtaposition of modern and traditional. Our design aesthetic combines the sentiment of tradition with the exciting playfulness of modernity. The traditional template of an invitation guides us in format, but we let our imaginations run wild when it comes to design. We always add a flair of fun wherever possible, be it through wording, fonts, or graphics. We work with you depending on the venue, location, style and vibe of your event to create an entirely customized suite just for you. 


What is your design background?

Founder and creative director, Leah Jacobs has been designing since she went to graphic design camp at age 10. Formally, she has a degree in communications with a focus on design and was design editor for an award-winning, magazine-style yearbook as well. For most of her professional career, she worked as Design and Marketing Director for a real estate company. In her spare time, she has designed brands, logos, business cards and all types of print materials for multiple Maryland businesses.

Printing FAQs


What types of printing processes do you offer and which do you specialize in?

We offer most specialty printing processes (including foil, letterpress & embossing) as we work with multiple printing companies in order to provide our clients with any invitation they desire. The specialty printing options do cost extra. We can work within your budget to determine which styles will provide the most impact for your budget.


Is your printing done in-house or do you outsource it?

We outsource all our printing. We have good relationships with multiple printers in the area and get quotes from more than one to get the best price for the best quality.


What is a proof?

A proof is a copy of what your final project will look like. Proofs are created to ensure that the client, designer and printer are in complete agreement on the desired outcome before going to press. A proof is vitally important because it helps prevent unforeseen problems with text, images, colors, spacing and other design elements. Note that if given a PDF/digital proof, the color on your screen may vary slightly from the printed copy. If you’d prefer a hard copy proof, just let us know!


Can I see a proof before my order gets printed?

Yes of course, nothing will be printed until we get your final approval. A digital or physical proof will be sent to you within approximately 2-5 days after the deposit has been paid. Only after we get your final approval will we send the design to the printer. 


What should I check on my proofs?

We meticulously proofread our designs for spelling and grammar before sending them to you. However, it is essential that you carefully review the proof for any error in spelling, timing, or addresses. Ask a couple of friends to look over your designs as well to ensure no mistakes happen. Once you have given us final approval, we are no longer responsible for any textual errors.


Can I make changes after I approve my proofs?

Unfortunately, once you have given your approval, we are not able to make any additional changes. It is essential to carefully review your proofs to avoid any typos or mistakes.Once your final approval is given, any typos or written mistakes are no longer our responsibility. If it is a small, quick fix and the designs need to be reprinted, we will only charge the cost of printing.


Can you do rush orders?

If you need a rush order please let us know at the time of our consultation and we will check if we’re able to rush your design process for a fee of approximately $40. We will always try to accommodate your schedule as much as possible, but rush orders are not always available. We do not print in-house, so rush delivery depends on the printers, which is generally affected by time of year and specialty printing options. If the printer requests an extra fee for rush printing we will simply charge that amount to you. 


Can my invitations be printed on recycled paper and/or with soy-based ink?

Despite our industry being so heavily focused on print materials, we strive to be as eco-friendly as possible. We can work with the printers to figure out the best way to celebrate responsibly. Almost all of our internal marketing and business documents are paperless.

Payment FAQs - Under construction/more info coming soon


How much does postage cost? 

Postage prices vary from $0.49 to about $1.30 per set or suite. It all depends on the shape and weight of each suite. Before we print the final round of suites we will let you know the price per unit to ensure we work within your budget. 

Services + Process FAQs


What is event design? How is it different from event planning?

Event design exclusively focuses on the visuals of an event. Event designers create or curate the look and feel of an event through invitations, decor, styling and venue transformation. Event planners will execute every aspect of the event including budgeting, finding vendors, negotiating with vendors, advising the hosts, and ensuring it goes smoothly the day-of the event. For more info check out our blog post about the difference between event designer, event planner & day-of coordinator.


What services do you offer?

We offer four different packages featuring design and consulting options with lots of optional Add-Ons. You can see the details of each here.


What events do you design? Do you just do weddings?

Any and all events! Weddings are certainly a large part of what we do, but we also design for baby showers, bridal showers, mitzvahs, birthday parties, kids’ parties, rehearsal dinners, bachelor/bachelorette parties, holiday parties, dinner parties, anniversary parties, sip & sees and “just feel like partying” parties! 


Are you an event planner? 

No, we are not an event planning company. We provide a service for hosts and event planners. We design invitations, event stationery, and day-of designs. We offer consulting for venue and decor but do not book any venues or vendors for hosts. For more details, see sourcing Qs below. For more info check out our blog post about the difference between event designer, event planner & day-of coordinator.


Do you do day-of coordination?

No, we do not do day-of coordination. We do not organize the logistics of the day nor do we do set up for decor. If requested, we can work with the decor vendors to assist with a floor plan/design set up. We would be happy to provide you and/or your day-of coordinator with the plan, but will not be present on the day-of to oversee the set up. For more info check out our blog post about the difference between event designer, event planner & day-of coordinator.


What is venue and/or decor sourcing?

Sourcing, as part of the All Aesthetics Package, is the process of finding venues and decor that we think would be just perfect for your event. We collect all the information you need to reserve or purchase the venue or decor and present them as part of your custom All Aesthetics Plan. Please note that we do not handle reservations, deposits or payment for venues or decor. See Q below for more details.


When you do venue or decor sourcing, do you handle reservations, deposits or payment? 

No, we do not handle reservations, deposits or payment. We’re basically your assistants, scouting out what venues and decor work best for your event. We provide you with an All Aesthetics Plan with all the information, pricing and contacts for each venue and decor vendor.


How do I estimate the number of guests who will RSVP yes? 

The traditional answer is about 2/3rds of the guest list will attend. However, always plan and budget for if all your guests say yes. You know your guests best, so go through the guest list and tally which you think will say yes or no.


When can I expect to receive my contract from you?

After the first consultation, we will provide you with a quote and contract for your designs, ensuring that both of us understand the scope of work and expectations. For more info on the process, check out our process page here.


How long does it take to get invitations printed?

Our process takes about 4-8 weeks total, allotting 2-5 weeks for design and 2-3 weeks for printing, assembly, and delivery. If you need a rush order, please contact us and we can hopefully work out a schedule that fits your desired timeline.


How will my order be delivered?

If you are local to Rockville, MD you may pick up your order at any time during business hours. If you’re not local, we will ship your materials via USPS, FedEx or UPS. When sent via mail, we will provide you with a shipping date and tracking number if available.


Do you ship internationally?

Absolutely! It will be sent via USPS International, FedEx or UPS and will provide you with a tracking number once shipped. If you are based outside of the US then just let me know at the time of consultation and we will give you a shipping quote and estimated timeline.


Can I order table numbers, place cards, ceremony programs, menus, etc. from you?

Please do! Check out our Day-Of Designs package here. We’d love to design cohesive accent pieces that complement your invitation and event theme. 


If the invitation involves multiple pieces, can you assemble them? If so, is there an additional fee? How long will assembly take?

To some, assembling the invite suites might be a mundane task but we adore it! Depending on the number of pieces/complexity of assembly, we may have an additional fee for assembly. The delivery date may be affected by about 3-5 business days. 


Do you offer an invitation addressing service?

We do offer printed addressing for approximately $1 per suite. As for handwritten or calligraphy addressing, we don’t do any in-house but will work with a calligrapher. The calligraphy will be an additional cost of approximately $3 per suite.


What if I don’t need everything included in the package I want? 

We certainly won’t make you pay for something you don’t want. We can adjust pricing to fit all your needs and wants.

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